Learning to knit

I have been taught to knit in the past, and could manage simple knit and purl stitches, but this was the extent of my knowledge. I had to ask my friend to cast on and off for me, and couldn’t follow a pattern. Consequently, the only thing I have ever made was a simple scarf – very nice, but I wanted to extend my knowledge. There are only so many knitted scarves that one person needs!

Luckily for me, my great new discovery of baa ram ewe meant I now knew somewhere that did workshops. So, I cajoled the hubbie into baby sitting for me on Saturday, and attended their 4 hour Learn to Knit course. And I wasn’t disappointed – my day went as follows….

Firstly, I got lost in Headingley trying to find somewhere to park – well, its been a while since I regularly visited that part of the world. Anyway, after I plugged my brain in I made my way to the shop, and was shown over to the course location, upstairs at Salvo’s cafe. This immediately presented the added bonus of lovely coffee to wake us up before we started.

Our teacher for the afternoon was Gwen, and after introductions we got started. We learnt some of the basic abbreviations, how to read a yarn label, and then got started learning how to cast on. After covering the 2 main stitches (knit & purl) we made a simple multi colour coaster – also learning how to swap yarns, and cast off.

We then broke for lunch, I had a yummy goats cheese sandwich (I’m pretty sure this was Weight Watchers friendly 😉 ). After demolishing that, we learnt an alternative cast on method, and how to increase and decrease. We practiced this by making 2 pennants – if you want knitted bunting, I’m your girl! Finally we covered off reading a knitting pattern.

All this meant we had the skills when we went home to make a knitted hat, the materials for which were provided as part of the course. I had  mine finished by Monday – the bonus of superchunky wool is that it knits up quickly (even if the knitter is slow!). Check mine out below being modelled by my son. I have made this for myself, but have now been instructed by him that I have to make him one “that is less scratchy and blue”! Guess that’s my next project 😉

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn to knit, or refresh old skills. They also hold various other knitting and crochet workshops, check out the list here.



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