It’s amazing what you can find in your pantry…

When I say pantry, really its an under stairs cupboard that happens to be in the kitchen, but hey!

I have been rooting around, trying to find award worthy preserves. I have been inspired by my friend Helen (check out her great blog here) to enter this years Honley show. There are a few classes I might try, including baking and knitting, but I definitely want to enter some jars of this and that. Well, it turns out I have quite a lot of this and that hanging around from my last couple of years of preserving:

My plan is to enter some rhubarb chutney, grape jelly and plum jam. I might enter some rhubarb jam and Seville orange marmalade too, altho I’m a bit worried they might not be up to scratch (jam is very soft set and marmalade is quite shreddy!).

I have also discovered I have much more green tomato chutney and spiced apple butter than we can eat, so I need to find a deserving home for some of that too!

Preserving is great fun – take a little of something from your garden, some sugar/vinegar/spices and a big pan – and hey presto, little jars of magic emerge. If you are interested I recommend the River Cottage preserves handbook – hasn’t let me down yet.

(I tried to enter the Honley show last year. I wondered why they never sent me a competitor pass, then a few weeks later my entry form was returned to me – I hadn’t put enough stamps on the envelope! Hopefully I will fare better this year 🙂 )



  1. bakingaitch said,

    5 May 2012 at 22:00

    I thought I might send a jar of something I’d made in my foodiepenpals box, but clearly you don’t need anymore homemade jars sending!!

  2. 5 May 2012 at 22:15

    oh no i like a bit of variety so accept other peoples! as long as its not seville orange marmalade, spiced apple butter or fig & rhubard chutney! 🙂

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