Lemony fun

Today my number 1 boy (3 years) and I have made preserved lemons. I was inspired whilst perusing the “tagines & couscous” cook book my Mum got for me a while ago, but the actual recipe I have used is from the River Cottage Handbook “Preserves“. It’s quite simple, but a word of warning – if you have any cuts on your hands, get someone else to make this for you! Very painful 😉

Firstly, rinse your lemons. Then quarter them but don’t cut all the way thru, and rub a teaspoon of salt into the cut surfaces. Then rummage in your herb & spice cupboard and pull out some bay leaves, peppercorns and coriander seeds:

Pack them into a wide necked, sterilised jar (I have used a 1l Kilner jar, sterilised in boiling water). Pack them in as tightly as possible, sprinkling in the remaining salt and herbs as you go.

Then cover in lemon juice, top up with water if required, to ensure all the fruit are completely covered. Leave to mature for at least 4 weeks and use within a year.

We also made ribena ice lollies, but I don’t think you need instructions for that 😉


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