Weekly bake off – chocolate brownies

I have been following @weeklybakeoff on twitter for a while – Join in this Weekly Bake-Off as we bake our way through all 100 recipes from Mary Berry’s ‘My Kitchen Table: 100 Cakes and Bakes’

So I finally got round to ordering the book off Amazon so i could join in – and what good timing, this week’s recipe (announced on Monday) was “Indulgent Chocolate & Walnut Brownies”. For someone who does a bit of baking, I am slightly ashamed to admit I have never made a brownie before. Well, better late than never – especially as we are visiting friends this weekend, so I will be able to arrive bearing chocolate gifts 🙂

Firstly melt quite a lot of plain chocolate with quite a lot of butter (now I know why they taste so nice!):
Whilst that is cooling, mix eggs, sugar, vanilla and coffee:

Once the chocolate is cool enough not to scramble your eggs, combine – then fold in SR flour, chopped walnuts and yet more chocolate:

Pour into your greased and lined tray, put in the oven and cross your fingers:

Cook for about 45 mins:

(Not sure if that giant crack is really meant to be there, but hey – it doesn’t impact the taste!)

Try and arrange artfully for your shot to tweet to the weekly bake off massive – not so easy when you have a 3 year old “helping” and you are rushing to get tea sorted and pack for a weekend away at the same time!


1 Comment

  1. mydearbakes said,

    15 May 2012 at 09:50

    Love your recipe, thanks for sharing! =)

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