Foodie PenPals Reveal – May 2012

In April my friend Helen (check out her great blog here!) told me about foodie penpals. The idea started in the USA, and Carol Anne from This Is Rock Salt is now running in the UK & Europe.

The idea is quite simple. Once a month, Carol Anne matches up penpals, and you organise for them a box of foodie goodies up to the value of £10. This isn’t a straight swap, someone will buy for you and you will buy for someone else. Parcels are to be posted by the 20th, and on the last day of the month we do a grand reveal. Check out loads of reveal posts here, at Lean Green Bean – the original home of foodie penpals!

In a strange twist of fate, the person selected to do my ‘virgin’ parcel was Helen! This had several great points – I know she has fab taste, she knows my likes & dislikes, and also as she didn’t have to pay for postage, I benefited by a few additional £ 🙂

So, outside a soft play centre in Dewsbury, a furtive exchange from her boot to mine was made – the parcel is shown below:

I couldn’t wait to get home and have a root through! And I wasn’t disappointed:

Helen had included a lovely card which explained why she had chosen the items. She also said she thought it was harder picking for someone she knows – but I don’t believe her as she did such a good job 😉

  • Baking – some exciting baking bits to try – fab cupcake cases, silver glitter spray (both used today!) and lemon flavour icing
  • Coffee – quality ‘proper’ coffee from Taylors at Harrogate, along with vanilla syrup – I am addicted to vanilla lattes when out, this syrup is nearly all gone already!
  • Tea – a selection of calming teas. With a toddler in the house, these are always needed
  • Biccies – to accompany said coffee and tea. And they are proper biscuits from Batley, Leeds – check out Vinnie from Fox’s biscuits on you tube 🙂
  • Mug & mug hug – this is my favourite bit, a mug hug fashioned by Helen’s own hands. A hug for your mug – amazing!!

If you fancy joining in on the foodie penpal fun, click on the button to the left – and check out #foodiepenpals on twitter for all the goss. Go on, you know it makes sense…..!



  1. bakingaitch said,

    31 May 2012 at 23:04

    I’m glad you liked it all!!

  2. Rock Salt said,

    2 June 2012 at 10:59

    Awwwwww mug hug! How sweet! This was a lovely parcel, a great mix of things.

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