Foodie penpals reveal – Sep 2012

This has been a very exciting month on foodie penpals!

I was paired to send a parcel to Lucy, and decided to go shopping whilst on my hols in Wales. Check out what she thought here 🙂

The person sending my parcel was chosen as Martyna, who lives in Lithuania. I was super excited to be paired with someone who could send me some things I wouldn’t have tried before, and requested my usual – no bananas, liquorice, sprouts & bacon!

Heres what I received:

Martyna sent me a lovely letter with some more info about the various items she had selected for me.

RIESTAINIAI (no English translation) – these remind me of bagels, but a little denser. Really yummy and my 3yr old has discovered a great love for them too!

DŽIUGAS – local Parmesan – it’s a name for a man meaning “happy”. I haven’t had chance to try this yet, but plan to use it in a cheese heavy risotto soon!

CHOCOLATE CAKES WITH COCONUT – veganand prepared at low temperature. Yummy!

DUONELES – little crackers with all sorts of loveliness including sesame seeds, super yummy with soft cheese

KISIELIUS – this powder is mixed with water to make the cranberry drink, that is served cold with sugar, whipped cream or milk. This is a traditional drink for Christmas, so I’m saving it for then!

ETNO ELFIN TEA – a herbal tea suitable for children! Ingredients are caraway seeds, briar hips and lemon balm leaves. Saving this to curl up in front of the fire with tonight 🙂

MEDUS – local honey with cinnamon. This is lush. Dipping the riestaniniai into it is lovely!! I discovered this at snack time today!

As you can see, what a fab box! Thanks so much to Martyna for taking the time to send such a variety. And to all foodie penpals this month GERO APETITO (cheers)!!


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