Thai salad

I’m back on weight watchers, and rather than thinking of things I shouldn’t be eating, I’m taking the opportunity to try some new recipes and get out of my meal rut.
One discovery from a recent WW magazine is my current fave! Thai salad – delicious, quick and easy. And healthy. What more could you want??
Base salad is red onion, white cabbage and carrot. I add some greenery to lighten it too. The recipe suggests chicken, but tonight I’ve used prawns instead. Add a simple dressing of lime juice, fish sauce and brown sugar, with chilli and peanuts to finish – scrummy!




I’ve been feeling poorly this week, so thought I’d make some homemade soup to help me perk up. Now, I’m not a great soup maker, but I made this one up and it’s not turned out too bad!

Top tip – 1ml water weighs 1g. I always weigh liquid rather than measure as its so much easier…..

Top tip 2 – check out steenbergs – fab Yorkshire company selling spices etc – I tried a little za’atar on my veg before roasting for this soup






This is the current view from my living room….. Go figure!


Slow cooker curry

Gather stuff


Organise neatly (it makes me feel like I’m on tv having my little tubs ready)


When prepping garlic, remove any green growth from centre. Michel roux jr says that’s the bit that repeats on you. As he is a GOD I did what he said.


Fry off spices. Be glad you have a crock pot that goes on the hob too – one less pan to wash


Brown meat


Add coconut milk and water


Slow cook for 8hrs and then enjoy! With accompaniments of your choice 😉



Not a bad haul!

Looks like I’ve got some cooking to do!


Happiness is…

… A freshly alphabetised herbs & spices cupboard!


Foodie penpals reveal – Sep 2012

This has been a very exciting month on foodie penpals!

I was paired to send a parcel to Lucy, and decided to go shopping whilst on my hols in Wales. Check out what she thought here 🙂

The person sending my parcel was chosen as Martyna, who lives in Lithuania. I was super excited to be paired with someone who could send me some things I wouldn’t have tried before, and requested my usual – no bananas, liquorice, sprouts & bacon!

Heres what I received:

Martyna sent me a lovely letter with some more info about the various items she had selected for me.

RIESTAINIAI (no English translation) – these remind me of bagels, but a little denser. Really yummy and my 3yr old has discovered a great love for them too!

DŽIUGAS – local Parmesan – it’s a name for a man meaning “happy”. I haven’t had chance to try this yet, but plan to use it in a cheese heavy risotto soon!

CHOCOLATE CAKES WITH COCONUT – veganand prepared at low temperature. Yummy!

DUONELES – little crackers with all sorts of loveliness including sesame seeds, super yummy with soft cheese

KISIELIUS – this powder is mixed with water to make the cranberry drink, that is served cold with sugar, whipped cream or milk. This is a traditional drink for Christmas, so I’m saving it for then!

ETNO ELFIN TEA – a herbal tea suitable for children! Ingredients are caraway seeds, briar hips and lemon balm leaves. Saving this to curl up in front of the fire with tonight 🙂

MEDUS – local honey with cinnamon. This is lush. Dipping the riestaniniai into it is lovely!! I discovered this at snack time today!

As you can see, what a fab box! Thanks so much to Martyna for taking the time to send such a variety. And to all foodie penpals this month GERO APETITO (cheers)!!

My dream kitchen

Today we visited Penrhyn Castle in Bangor, which have amazing Victorian kitchens…

Huge pestle & mortar –

Amazing stove with spit – it was turned by a mechanism driven by heat from the fire – now thats clever –

Cool pans! –

They also had a seperate pie oven, a pastry kitchen with cool stone worktops, a dairy larder, an amazing pre-electric fridge and LOADS of other cool stuff! If you are in the area  I highly recommend a visit 🙂


Home grown veg for tea :-)



Easy peasy banana ice cream








Foodie Penpals Reveal – July 2012

I am still loving foodie penpals. What is not to love? you get to shop for people (and fun baking/cooking shopping – not boring socks/groceries type shopping!) and then you get a pressie in the post. Ace! If you want to know more about foodie penpals and sign up (which you should!) click on the logo in the left side bar 🙂

This month I sent a baking inspired parcel to Lisa, and received my parcel from Catherine – check out her blog here. All I had specificed was my dislikes – bananas, sprouts, liquorice and bacon!

#1 was most intrigued as to why someone had sent me ice cream in the post 😉 Check him out trying to nosy into shot!

Catherine is a Yorkshire lass like myself (well, I probably havent made true Yorkshire status yet as I’ve only lived here 14yrs, I think it has to be about 50 to properly count!) and she has sent me some lovely local exciting treats 🙂

The ginger fudge is a long distant memory already – I am a big fudge fan, and was by myself over the weekend. Whats a girl to do?

The plantain chips are yummy, and as Catherine pointed out not banana-ery (phew!). I haven’t braved the chilli gummy sweets yet, that might be a treat for tonight!

The loose teas look really exciting, I’m looking forward to trying them and maybe doing a little taste-off once I have located a tea strainer (yay, I get to buy more kitchen gadgets!!). Or maybe have myself a posh afternoon tea with yummy tea, mini sandwiches with no crusts and some cake!

The flavours are osmanthus, liquorice rooibos (I’m a bit scared of this one as I’m not a big rooibos fan, but I’ll give it a shot!) and russian caravan.

Catherine has found Yorkshire made chorizo, and I’m most excited to try it. My plan is for a lovely paella – mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Last, but certainly not least, we have homemade orange, lemon & brandy marmalade. I am a big preserves fan (as readers will know!) and this has already been used to glaze a carrot cake the boys took away camping last weekend. I’m not ashamed to admit I ate a couple of spoons of marmalade from the jar when I was doing the glaze – its yummy!

So all in all another fab parcel, what a lucky girl I am 🙂 Huge thanks to Catherine for picking out such a lovely selection of treats for me!

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