Thai salad

I’m back on weight watchers, and rather than thinking of things I shouldn’t be eating, I’m taking the opportunity to try some new recipes and get out of my meal rut.
One discovery from a recent WW magazine is my current fave! Thai salad – delicious, quick and easy. And healthy. What more could you want??
Base salad is red onion, white cabbage and carrot. I add some greenery to lighten it too. The recipe suggests chicken, but tonight I’ve used prawns instead. Add a simple dressing of lime juice, fish sauce and brown sugar, with chilli and peanuts to finish – scrummy!



Store cupboard tea


Wholegrain pasta, tender stem broccoli and prawns with a Marie rose style sauce (Philli, milk & tomato purée).

Not too bad 😉

Fish pie for tea

Good points:
– yummy fish = salmon, haddock (undyed), pollack, prawns
– boiled eggs
– due to over excited fish purchaser (me!) had enough to make two for the freezer too


Bad points: